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Ancient Puppy Paw Prints Found on Roman Tiles

i got really happy about this and then i was like “this dog is probably dead” and now i am crying

Probably dead


There’s hope, apparently.






Can we talk about how Anne Hathaway’s husband Adam Shulman looks a bit like William Shakespeare… who had a wife named Anne Hathaway?

damn the illuminati’s not even trying anymore

I guess you could say that when Anne hath a Will, Anne Hathaway


okay I have to reblog for that pun


"This is an ancient Elvish blade. Forged by my kin."








I wanna talk about Ben for a second.

I think nearly everyone in the spn fandom agrees that Ben is Dean’s biological son. The only stumbling block to this is the fact that Lisa…explicitly told Dean Ben is not his son. 

And here’s why I think that’s a complete lie.

The first time Dean asks if Ben is his (right after he does the math and realizes Ben could be his son) is approximately five minutes after walking back into Lisa Braeden’s life. Dean had been gone for 8+ years—heck he was just a fling to start, and suddenly he shows up again. Lisa and Ben have their life figured out. They live perfectly well with the family dynamic they have. Lisa doesn’t know Dean. Lisa has no connection to Dean. Imagine if she did tell Dean Ben was his son: child support, visiting arguments, heck maybe even custody battles. Who knows what kind of man Dean is? What sane person would risk uprooting her entire life (along with her son’s) by dropping a bombshell like that on a man she hadn’t seen in almost 9 years?

Second—Lisa tells Dean that Ben is the son of some biker fling she had. She says this with certainty. But honestly, why would she know this? It didn’t sound like this biker guy was involved in her life. Maybe Lisa tracked him down again at some bar a month later and said, “Hey pal, wanna take a ride to the doctor’s office for a paternity test?” This wasn’t a boyfriend, wasn’t a relationship. I have trouble believing she even knew the guy well enough to find him again after the month or so it takes to realize you’re pregnant.

To me, the biker story sounds like a very easy escape from Dean. I mean he’s still this random guy who showed up again in her life, and even though they bond, even though he saves Ben, Lisa now realizes Dean Winchester leads a very, very dangerous life. Dean’s a nomadic, mentally damaged, monster-killer. At this point, it would make even less sense to tether him with the fact that he has a son (even though Lisa obviously cares for him at this point).

Dean vanishes after that. The next time she sees him is when he shows up at her door half-crazed talking about how he’ll bargain for her safety when he sacrifices himself. This is a man who lives in a world of monsters, but Lisa cares enough to try to at least help him. However much Dean eventually tells her about his life, Lisa’s got to know he’s always hiding more. She’s got to know there are insanely powerful things out there that want Dean dead, things Dean has to bargain with his own life to protect her from.

The next time he appears, it’s immediately after Sam dies. Dean is a wreck, but he’s also (possibly) out of the hunter life. So Lisa lets him in, he becomes a father, a husband, but never legally. I doubt Lisa and Dean ever talked once about marriage. Why? Because in the back of her head Lisa knew she needed to constantly be ready to let Dean go if and when his past caught up to him. How do you make that possible? One—you never marry the guy. Two—you never honestly tell him the kid he’s caring for is his son. If Dean knew Ben was biologically his, imagine how much harder it would be for him to pack his bags and vanish when he needed to.

Lo and behold, Sam returns. Dean’s flesh and blood family. And what does Dean do? He takes off with Sam—because it’s dangerous for Ben and Lisa, because his own demons have caught up to them. It’s hard, but Dean manages to leave them. In truth what was he all along but a surrogate dad? Never really a part of the family. 

Imagine the kind of shit Dean confided in Lisa after a year together. In the episode where Dean was cursed and people were forced to tell him the truth, Lisa admits she knew from the second Sam returned that it was over between them. Because she knows how messed up Dean is about family. She talks about being close to her sister, but how she’d never, out of desperation, raise her sister from the dead. Being family-family with Dean is a very dangerous game—a messed up game that ends in blood and tears and deals with the devil, and Lisa’s got to be afraid of that.

All of this evidence is ignoring the fact that 1—Ben looks A LOT like Dean. 2—Ben acts like Dean. 3—Ben even likes Dean’s music.

Finally, imagine how hard it would be (especially as time goes on) for Lisa to pull Dean aside one day and tell him “Hey I lied to you. Ben’s actually your son.” She knows Dean would be hurt that she lied, that she has kept very important information from him, that she was clearly trying to distance herself and Ben from him. For the right reasons or not, it would be hard to work up the nerve at any point to tell Dean the truth.

In summary—Lisa had no reason to tell the man, who just walked back into her life, who she knows nothing about, that he’s the father of her child. She has no reason to upset her and Ben’s family dynamic. She then had even less reason after she learned Dean hunts monsters for a living. How would she know with certainty the biker was the father? How easy is it to track down a one-time fling a month later and make him take a paternity test if child support was never an issue? Even after Dean came to live with them, Lisa could not tether Dean to them. No marriage and no biological kid mean the best situation for Dean to be able to take off when he needs to. Being family with Dean Winchester is a terrible risk to take. And if you’re actually flesh and blood, you’ll never get away entirely.

#I also have a personal headcanonthat at some point in that year #Dean took Ben to get a physical #probably for school sports #and he asked the nurse for a paternity test as well #but when it arrived Dean didnt have the nerve to open it #he kept it in the glove compartment of the impala #ignoring it for more than a year #until the day he made Cas wipe Lisa and Ben’s memories #he went out to the car right after that #tore open the letter #and cried alone in the driver seat of the impala until Sam came to get him (via phantomrose96)

I think we found Satan


Dean was never a fan of Doctor’s offices, not that he spent a lot of time in them. Physicals for school were foraged, injuries were patched up by Sam, or Cas. That was all over. Sam was gone, Cas was nowhere to  be found, so Dean sat in that waiting room.

“Ben Braden?” The nurse called from the door.  Ben ran over, Dean following behind.

“What brings you in today?” She asked as she lead them down the hall for all that height and weight stuff.

“Just a physical, for school.” Ben told her as he stepped up on the scale.  She wrote numbers down on her clip board and guided them to room number three. Ben jumped up onto the bed and kicked off his shoes. “The doctor should be in a few minutes,” she told them before closing the door on her way out.  Dean closed his eyes for a quick moment asking himself if her really wanted to do this. “Be right back,” he told Ben as he stepped out of the room.

“Excuse me!” He called to the nurse.

“Yes?” She smiled brightly

“I was wondering if you would be able to do something for me? Ben, he’s well, I live with him and his mom and she’s told me he’s not mine and it’s a long story, but I don’t really think she’s telling the truth because I mean, we had a fling, and I showed back up years later, and,” he took a deep breath, “would it be possible to run a test or something?”

“Yes, we can do that. I’ll be in in a moment to take care of that. You are aware that results will take a few weeks?”  Dean nodded and turned back into the room.

The called him about a month later telling him he could come pick up the results anytime. He did, hands shaking, tears forming in his eyes he grabbed that envelope, and he tossed it right into the glove box with no intentions of ever looking at it again. It was a mistake. He didn’t want to know.

Then he changed his mind. It wasn’t until after everything, after Lisa almost died because of him. It wasn’t until he had Cas wipe their memories, it wasn’t until he told them that he was the man who hit them and he was glad they’re okay. It was when he walked out of that hospital and into the impala when he remembered what was in the glove box. This time, he opened it.  When he read what was on that paper he froze. He sat there unable to move. The only thing he could do was cry, and he did. He sat alone in his car for what seemed like hours until there was a light tapping on the passenger window. Dean unlocked the door and let Sam in. No words were said as he handed his brother the now tear-stained paper in his hands.

“Ben is yours?” Sam asked, Dean didn’t bother to answer. He wiped the remaining tears away and turned the ignition.

That’s cool, I wasn’t using my heart

Ready for some more destruction? Imagine this happening after..

So Sam and Dean are on a vampire hunt. usual business. But then after they gank the vampire Dean see Krissy and the other teenage hunters use fake ID’s to get into a bar down the street. Dean goes in after them and find them planing to attack the vampire they just killed. Dean is furious because they promised not to go looking for monsters. He finds out they have a new member to the group. He got picked up on a hunt because his mother had died in result of the monster. Dean demands they leave and informs that the hunt is already over because he and Sam already took care of it. Krissy gets mad and it just further pushes Dean to tell the to stop hunting. The new member shows up and Dean turns around and see that it is Ben. He stops dead, all anger gone. Now all he can feel is sheer terror and concern. He breathlessly says Ben’s name and well Ben doesn’t know who Dean is due to his mind being wiped by Castiel. Ben questions why Dean knows his name, he just writes it off as a lucky guess and that he looks like a Ben. Sam finds Dean and tells him that there maybe more vamps around and that they are sitting on top of a nest, of course the teenage hunters are excited. Dean feels disgusted. He sits and watched the young hunters plan not knowing what else to do because they wont leave. Dean can’t take his eyes off of Ben. We find out Krissy has a crush on Ben, and Ben doesn’t trust Dean because he feels like he is hiding something (which he is but nothing bad just the fact that Dean was apart of his life at one point in time) Later the truth ends up coming out. Ben is furious. He demands that he gets his memories back, and feels like Dean had no right. And feels sorta abandoned. Dean lets Cas give back Bens memories and Ben is still mad at Dean. Ben thinks that if Dean had stuck around Lisa would still be alive. Dean is all broken down because the only women he ever truly loved is dead. And the closet thing he had to a Son hates him. When all he tried to do was protect them. It would ends with the teen hunters leaving and Ben and Dean’s relationship not repaired.

This is the most heartbreaking post I’ve ever seen. You’re all going to hell, fuckers.


the GazettE Mean Girls text posts edition

Takanori Nishikawa on the GazettE:

"PSC sure has alot of weird people, like the GazettE. They had a party with other bands after Inazuma festival, but they ended up sitting around a table with just the five of them."


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please stop asking me about my future ill cry

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